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Colourful, Durable and Eco-Friendly - Agate Sliced Drink Coaster

Your home is a canvas, waiting to be adorned with pieces that tell your unique story. It's a reflection of your tastes, your experiences, and your connection with the world around you. When it comes to home decor, few materials capture the essence of nature's artistry as beautifully as agate. Evolving Earth Designs, a leading purveyor of natural stone and crystal homewares, jewellery, and gifts, invites you to explore the captivating world of Agate Coasters for Drinks. These exquisite creations are more than just functional accessories; they are a testament to your love for the extraordinary.

The Allure of Agate

Agate is a gemstone that has enchanted humanity for centuries with its stunning colors and mesmerizing banding patterns. Each piece of agate is a testament to the Earth's artistic talents, a masterpiece created over millions of years. Evolving Earth Designs takes this marvel of nature and transforms it into Agate Sliced Drink Coasters that are as functional as they are breathtaking.

Elegance Meets Functionality

Agate Coasters for Drinks from Evolving Earth Designs are more than just coasters; they are functional pieces of artistry. Crafted with precision and care, these coasters serve as elegant protectors of your tabletops. However, they do much more than that; they elevate your space with their vibrant colors and timeless appeal.

Why Agate Coasters?

A Splash of Color

Agate is renowned for its rich and diverse colors. Whether you prefer the soothing blues and whites or the fiery reds and oranges, there's an agate coaster set that perfectly complements your decor.


Unlike paper or cardboard coasters that quickly wear out, agate coasters are durable and built to last. With proper care, they can be enjoyed for years, maintaining their natural beauty.

Eco-Friendly Choice

For eco-conscious individuals, agate coasters are an excellent option. They are crafted from natural materials, making them a sustainable alternative to disposable coasters.

A Glimpse into the Collection

Evolving Earth Designs offers a captivating range of Agate Coasters for Drinks, each a testament to the beauty of nature's artistry. Let's explore some of the remarkable offerings:

Set of 4 Natural Polished Agate Slice Drink Coasters with Silver Electroplating Edges

This set marries the raw, natural beauty of agate with the elegance of silver electroplating. It's a striking combination that adds a touch of sophistication to your tabletop.

Set of 6 Blue Polished Agate Slice Drink Coasters with Silver Electroplating Edges

The mesmerizing blue tones of these coasters evoke the serenity of ocean waves. The silver electroplating elevates their elegance, making them perfect for formal occasions.

Set of 6 Natural Polished Agate Slice Drink Coasters

If you appreciate the unadulterated beauty of agate, this set is for you. The natural polish highlights the intricate banding patterns and vibrant colors of the stones.

Natural Polished Agate Slice Drink Coaster with Silver Electroplating Edges

This single coaster is a statement piece, showcasing the harmonious blend of nature's hues and human craftsmanship.

Adding Beauty to Your Everyday

Agate Coasters for Drinks from Evolving Earth Designs are versatile additions to your home decor. They add a pop of color and elegance to your coffee table, dining table, bedside table, or office desk. Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee, hosting a dinner party, or working from home, these coasters make each moment a bit more special.

Perfect Gifts

Looking for a thoughtful gift? Agate Coasters for Drinks are an excellent choice. They make memorable presents for housewarmings, birthdays, weddings, or any occasion where you want to express your appreciation and love.

The Evolving Earth Designs Difference

At Evolving Earth Designs, quality and craftsmanship are paramount. Each agate coaster is handpicked for its uniqueness and beauty. They are carefully polished to reveal their full splendor, resulting in coasters that are not only functional but also pieces of art to be admired.

Sizing and Features

The Agate slices are approximately 11 to 13 cms in diameter and weigh approximately 110 to 130g each. Please note that these are natural stones, and the sizes do vary slightly. For precise sizing, refer to photographs showing exact measurements next to a ruler. Each coaster has small rubber feet on the bottom to protect the coaster and the surface underneath it.

Evolving Earth Designs invites you to explore the world of Agate Coasters for Drinks and bring the captivating allure of agate into your daily life. These coasters are not just functional accessories; they are expressions of your appreciation for the Earth's beauty. When you choose Agate Coasters for Drinks from Evolving Earth Designs, you are choosing elegance, durability, and sustainability.

Experience the beauty and functionality of agate coasters today. Visit Evolving Earth Designs at and enhance your home with the natural beauty of agate.

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