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Crystal infused candles


We offer a large range of hand poured and locally (Australian) designed crystal infused candles. After undertaking alot of research in relation to candles it was discovered that some commercially made candles and some cheaper options contain some nasties that are not good for our health. Most modern candles are made from parafin wax. This type of wax is made from petroleum as a by-product of gasoline. After doing this research, we wanted to create a product that was natural and contained none of the nasty stuff. 

   crystal infused candle                crystal infused candles

Each candle is hand poured made using natural vegan-friendly soy wax which is infused with a generous room-filing scent. No harsh chemicals have been used and the candle has been hand made with love and only natural products.  

We also pride ourselves on creating a product that is not only natural but has an amazing scent and has a generous amount of natural stones and crystals in them. We offer a range of different sizes ranging from a more budget friendly option (with still loads of amazing crystals) to a more deluxe version (which often include large crystals and additional surprises like pendants).

We can custom design our candles so please feel free to reach out with any special requests!

The crystals will come packed separate to the candle as we don't attach any glue or wax to the crystals unless you have specifically requested us to do so. This will ensure they arrive safely and also enables the crystals to be kept/used for many years. They will come in a gift bag and many people then carry the crystals around with them to assist with the healing properties.  Another option is to have your crystals in an area of your home that you are in often such as on your bedside table, office in your living room or kitchen. 

We are excited to offer our customers these brandnew hand made products and we hope you love them as much as we do!

  crystal infused candles     crystal infused candles     

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