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Get Crafty: Create Your Own Natural Stone Cheese Board in Australia


When it comes to elevating your entertaining game, few items are as elegant and functional as a natural stone cheese board. These stunning pieces effortlessly blend style, functionality, and a touch of nature's beauty, making them a must-have for any gathering. Imagine the excitement on your guests' faces as they admire your exquisite Agate cheese board, serving platter, or display piece.

At Evolving Earth Designs, we specialise in crafting these unique, natural stone marvels. Our large, thick polished Agate slices are the perfect blank canvas for your creativity. Here, we'll guide you through the process of creating your very own natural stone cheese board in Australia, making your next event an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Natural Stone for Your Cheese Board?

The choice of material for your cheese board matters. Natural stone offers a range of benefits that elevate your entertaining experience:

Elegance and Uniqueness

Each Agate slice is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, with distinct patterns and colors shaped by nature's artistic hand. Your cheese board will be as unique as your event.


Agate is a hard and sturdy stone, ensuring your cheese board lasts for years. It can withstand the rigours of serving and entertaining.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning is a breeze. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and your Agate cheese board will look as good as new.

Positive Energy

Many believe that Agate carries positive energy, which can infuse your event with a touch of tranquillity and harmony.

Materials You'll Need

Creating your own natural stone cheese board is a fun and creative process. Here's what you'll need:

Large Thick Polished Natural Agate Slice

This will serve as the canvas for your cheese board. Our Agate slices are approximately 26cm by 22cm and 2.5cm thick, providing ample space for an enticing array of cheeses, fruits, and more.

Soft Felt or Rubber Bumpers

These will protect your table or countertop from scratches.


To attach the felt or rubber bumpers to the back of your Agate slice.

Food-Safe Finish

This will help you seal and protect your cheese board, making it food-ready.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Natural Stone Cheese Board

Step 1: Prepare Your Workstation

Choose a clean, well-lit area to work on your cheese board. Ensure you have all your materials within reach.

Step 2: Attach the Bumpers

Turn your Agate slice over to the backside. This is where you'll attach the soft felt or rubber bumpers. These bumpers will keep your stone stable and prevent scratches on your table or countertop. Ensure they're evenly spaced along the edges.

Step 3: Apply the Food-Safe Finish

To protect the Agate and make it food-ready, you'll need a food-safe finish. Apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions, ensuring you cover the entire surface. This finish will bring out the stone's natural lustre and patterns, making it even more eye-catching.

Step 4: Allow to Dry

After applying the finish, allow your Agate cheese board to dry thoroughly. This typically takes a few hours. Be patient; the results will be worth it.

Step 5: Arrange Your Delights

Once your Agate cheese board is dry and ready, it's time to arrange your favourite cheeses, fruits, nuts, and other delectable delights. Get creative with your presentations, and your guests will be impressed.

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

Your natural stone cheese board is now ready to take centre stage at your event. As you serve your delectable offerings, watch your guests' faces light up with admiration for your unique, handcrafted creation.

Why Choose Evolving Earth Designs for Your Agate Slice?

At Evolving Earth Designs, we're passionate about natural stone and crystal homewares. Our large thick polished Agate slices are handcrafted with care and attention to detail. We believe that each piece of Agate is a work of art in its own right, making for the perfect cheese board, serving platter, or display piece.

Evolving Earth Designs stands for quality, uniqueness, and nature's elegance. We're proud to be a part of your creative journey as you craft your very own natural stone cheese board in Australia. Visit our website at Evolving Earth Designs to explore our Agate slices and other exquisite homeware, home decor, jewellery, and gifts. Get creative, get inspired, and make your next event truly unforgettable with a touch of nature's beauty.

Incorporate an Agate cheese board into your entertaining repertoire and experience the harmonious blend of art, functionality, and natural beauty. Unearth the elegance of natural stone with Evolving Earth Designs today.

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