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How to Care for and Maintain Your Agate Stone Coasters from Evolving Earth Designs

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Evolving Earth Designs - the name synonymous with the finest natural stone and crystal homewares, home decor, jewelry, and gifts in Queensland, Australia. If you've visited their website at, you've probably marveled at the stunning collection of Agate Stone Coasters, including the exquisite Blue Polished Agate Slice Drink Coasters with Gold Electroplating and the Matching Pair of Natural Polished Agate Slice Drink Coasters. These coasters are more than just functional accessories; they are works of art that infuse your home with the raw beauty of nature.

However, owning these remarkable agate stone coasters is just the beginning of your journey. To ensure they maintain their luster and last for generations, proper care and maintenance are essential. In this guide, we will take you through the steps to care for and preserve the beauty of your agate stone coasters from Evolving Earth Designs.

The Beauty of Agate Stone Coasters

Before we delve into maintenance tips, let's take a moment to appreciate why agate stone coasters are a prized possession. Agate, with its stunning range of colors and mesmerizing patterns, is a semi-precious gemstone like no other. Each coaster boasts unique hues and intricate bands that mirror the diverse landscapes found in nature. The concentric and banded designs in agate tell a story of its formation over millions of years, making each piece a tangible slice of Earth's history.

Evolving Earth Designs' collection includes Blue Polished Agate Slice Drink Coasters with Gold Electroplating, which add an opulent touch to your decor. These coasters are approximately 11 to 13 centimeters in diameter and weigh around 110 to 130 grams each. However, it's important to note that these are natural stones, and slight size variations may occur. To ensure accuracy, Evolving Earth Designs provides photographs showing the exact sizing next to a ruler. Additionally, each coaster features small rubber feet on the bottom, offering protection to both the coaster and the surface underneath it.

Care and Maintenance Tips

1. Gentle Cleaning

To maintain the natural beauty of your agate stone coasters, gentle cleaning is key. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the stone's surface. Instead, use a soft, damp cloth or sponge with mild soap to wipe away any spills or residue. Pat them dry with a clean, soft cloth.

2. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Agate is a natural stone, and extreme temperatures can cause it to expand or contract, potentially leading to cracks or fractures. Avoid placing your agate coasters in direct sunlight or exposing them to extreme heat or cold for prolonged periods.

3. Protection from Scratches

While agate is durable, it can still be susceptible to scratches, especially from abrasive materials. To prevent scratches, avoid using metal utensils or sharp objects on the coaster's surface.

4. Regular Polishing

Over time, your agate coasters may lose some of their natural shine. To restore their luster, you can gently polish them using a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using commercial metal or jewelry polishes, as these can harm the stone. Instead, opt for a gentle buffing with a soft cloth to maintain their natural sheen.

5. Store with Care

When not in use, store your agate stone coasters in a cool, dry place. To prevent potential chipping or breakage, store them away from other hard or heavy objects that could accidentally come into contact with them.

6. Spill Prevention

Prevention is often the best form of maintenance. When using your agate coasters, especially for drinks that may leave stains (like red wine or coffee), be attentive and take precautions to avoid spills. Promptly wiping away any spills can help prevent stains and maintain the pristine beauty of your coasters.

Evolving Earth Designs has curated a stunning collection of Agate Stone Coasters that bring the natural world's elegance into your home. These coasters are not only functional but also works of art that deserve care and attention to preserve their beauty. By following the care and maintenance tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your agate stone coasters remain a source of admiration and a testament to the enduring allure of nature.

As you enjoy the beauty and functionality of your agate stone coasters from Evolving Earth Designs, remember that proper care is an investment in their longevity. For more exquisite natural stone and crystal homewares, home decor, jewelry, and gifts, visit Evolving Earth Designs and elevate your living spaces with timeless elegance. 

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