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Brecciated Jasper Cube

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Brecciated Jasper Cube. This stone is from Madagascar. 

The Brecciated Jasper has been cut from its natural rock form, cut into the shape of a cube (with an additional flat edge that it sits on giving it that floating look) and then polished to reveal naturally occurring colours and patterns. 

This item will perfectly compliment any living room, office or bedroom and is a unique way to display natural crystals in the home. 

Some believe that Brecciated Jasper is used to stimulate internal blood flower and ease external bleeding. It is commonly used to treat the sexual organs and to help stabilize pregnancy. 

The Brecciated Jasper is approximately 5cm by 5cm by 8cm and weighs approximately 410g. 

Each stone and crystal are natural and unique in size, shape and colour. They may come with small imperfections as part of their natural beauty. With this order, you receive the exact product that is shown in the photographs. The photographs have been taken inside, outside and under various different lights. The colour may vary slightly due to lighting and the settings on individual computers. 

Photographs have been taken from all sides of this product to show off its unique beauty from all sides. 

Please note all of our products are natural and may have sharp edges. We recommend handling with care. Hand wash only with no harsh chemicals and use soft cloth only.