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Clear Quartz natural soy Candle - Medium size (180g)
Clear Quartz natural soy Candle - Medium size (180g)
Clear Quartz natural soy Candle - Medium size (180g)
Clear Quartz natural soy Candle - Medium size (180g)
Clear Quartz natural soy Candle - Medium size (180g)
Clear Quartz natural soy Candle - Medium size (180g)
Clear Quartz natural soy Candle - Medium size (180g)

Clear Quartz natural soy Candle - Medium size (180g)

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Hand poured and locally (Australian) designed Clear Quartz Candle.

This hand poured candle is made using natural vegan-friendly soy wax which is infused with a generous room-filing scent. No harsh chemicals have been used and the candle has been hand made with love and only natural products.  

The scent for this candle is Vanilla.

This candle has been made using high quality Clear Quartz. You will receive 10 pieces of Clear Quartz as shown in the photos. This will perfectly compliment any living room, or bedroom and is a unique way to display natural crystals in the home. 

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer and is often used to help amplify energy and thought.

This candle jar is approximately 8.1cm wide at the bottom, 7.4cm wide at the top and 8.7cm high. The candle holds approximately 285g of wax and if the care instructions are followed, it has a burning time of 25+ hours.

Each stone and crystal are natural and unique in size, shape and colour. They may come with small imperfections as part of their natural beauty. As no two crystals are exactly the same, you will receive a similar one as shown in the photographs (please get in contact with us if you would like to select the exact candle you will receive).

The crystals will come packed separate to the candle as we don't attach any glue or wax to the crystals unless you have specifically requested us to do so. This will ensure they arrive safely and also enables the crystals to be kept/used for many years. 

Please note all of our products are natural and may have sharp edges. We recommend handling with care. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Ensure the lit candle is kept away from drafts and flammable material. Small crystals are a choking hazard and need to be kept out of reach of children and pets.

We have a range of Frangrance options available, and we are able to custom design the crystals with other fragrances. If you would like a custom order please feel free to contact us to discuss your options (2-3 days additional processing time may be applicable). 



We aim to post your purchase within 1-2 days of receiving your order. 



The first burn

We recommend removing the crystals prior to burning. You may choose to keep them on the top of the candle however please note that the heat and wax may damage them. You should allow your candle to burn long enough for the wax at the edge to melt (usually around 2 hours).  

Trim the wick

Ensure the wick is trimmed before each burn. This ensures the flame burns evenly next time and prevents sputtering.

You should trim the wick to around 3-4mm, ideally using wick trimmers. However, if you don’t own a set, then scissors are also fine. Make sure you remove the trimmings from the candle before you light it.

Extinguish it properly

While it can be tempting to just blow the candle out when you’re done, this isn’t the best way to extinguish it. It can lead to smoke and hot wax splattering everywhere.

Instead, either use a snuffer, or dip the wick into the candle’s melted wax. This will put it out and ensure it’s got some fuel next time you want to light it. 

Don’t burn it for too long

Burning your soy candle for too long can lead to the scent burning off before the candle is finished (max of 3 hours is recommended).