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Natural Agate book ends (small)

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Polished blue Agate book ends. These book ends are a natural stone, cut in half, coloured and then polished to reveal naturally occurring patterned rings, geodes and crystals inside. These bookends are truly unique as they can be used in different directions (see photographs where it changes the look).

Can be used as a pair of book ends to compliment a high end office display or simply a unique item to display. Each item has been hand picked to ensure highest quality and good colouring.

The book ends are approximately 15cm wide, 8cm high and 6cm deep. Together they weigh approximately 1.1kg.

Each stone and crystal are natural and unique in size, shape and colour. They may come with small imperfections as part of their natural beauty (such as dents, scars, scratches or surface cracks). With this order, you receive the exact product that is shown in the photographs. The colour may vary slightly due to lighting and the settings on individual computers. Please refer to other products on the website for different variations that are available.

Please note all of our products are natural and may have sharp edges. We recommend handling with care.


Code: BBE0023